New term, new projects

This week we had our first BBC micro:bit session of the year. Everyone worked in pairs to code their micro:bits and make interactive badges.


Not only did the children have to get to grips with connecting their micro:bits to the laptop correctly but they also had to use a completely new programming environment and learn how to save then transfer their programs to the physical device.

They coped amazingly well and each produced some fantastic badges, not only that but they were able to work together to problem solve and adapt their programs when unexpected outputs occurred. A special mention goes to Cameron & Matthew for the way they shared their new found knowledge with others.

The programming language used this week was javascript with a graphical editor used to design patterns which lit various LEDs on the micro:bit.


I’m super excited for next week. Here’s a clue to what we’ll be making 🙂




More scratch and a little HTML

Over the last few sessions we’ve carried on working through Code Club Scratch module 1 projects. We have 2 new members, Darcey & Maddie, which means we’re now all working on slightly different projects – in fact this week we had Rock Band, Lost in Space, Ghostbusters and Chatbot projects on the go!!

Here’s some spooky screenshots from Cameron, Matthew and Mahban’s ‘whack-a-mole’ style Ghostbuster games. All the games were super and really tricky… a was Mr White’s therapeutic ‘whack the X Factor singer’ game!  🙂

Scratch isn’t all we’re doing this term as Daisy has been working her way through the HTML projects, this week she started a fabulous comic strip. Congrats to Daisy on coping so well with a new language and also to Mahban who is Daisy’s problem solving partner – brilliant teamwork both of you.

This week’s session tied in with the international Hour Of Code celebration. Well done to Skye, Cali Tee, Darcey, Jo, Maddie, Daisy, Mahban, Freddie, Cameron, Matthew, Bobbie, Daniel, Georgie, Stevie-Rose and Mr White for completing your hour of code; you’re in great company and we’re on the map!


A quiet week!

The session last week coincided with the Year 5/6 residential to Lledr Hall therefore we only had 4 children at Code Club. Weirdly we read that at the same time the others were doing their own coding over in Wales .

Our very quiet group of Cali Tee, Stevie-Rose, Bobbie and Daniel worked through the Lost In Space project with some excellent customisations. I was also impressed with their descriptions & team bonding during the Show & Tell session at the end of club.


….and we’re off!

Today we had our first Code Club session of 2016/17. Our new cohort are again a mix of Year 5 and Year 6 children, welcome to Code Club Bobbie, Cali Tee, Cameron, Daisy, Daniel, Freddie, Georgie, Jo, Maddie, Mahban, Matthew, Skye and Stevie-Rose. We also welcome Mr White our new Code Club teacher.

We started our club with shiny new Scratch accounts, completely paperless instructions and the Code Club Rock Band project. The kids we’re fab and their finished projects were very creative (and noisy!) here are some screenshots from a few of them…

Finished for the summer

Today we had our last Code Club of 2015/16 academic year. I decided the kids could have free choice on the laptops and expected to see them all playing games other people had written or watching music videos on YouTube. I was surprised (and delighted) to see …

Daisy & Dominic remixing animations and adding their own stamp to them (never underestimate how hard it is to read and modify code someone else has written!)

Bobby looking over & improving his creations over the year and observing how much more he can do now.

Darcey showing Una, our STEM Ambassador visitor, how to make a multi level car game that she designed and evolved during the session – with fantastic communication skills.

I’m so proud of them all! What a confident, creative bunch of makers we have.

Makey Makey and the squashed bananas

Apologies for the belated post but a couple of weeks ago our Code Club session turned into a Makey Makey challenge with a Year 5 team facing off against a Year 6 team. Each team were given a Makey Makey, some crocodile clips, a USB lead, a laptop, an orange and a bunch of bananas. The task was to create a game or animation that could be controlled by fruit (I think they all thought I was a little crazy at that point!).


The teams assigned tasks, they’d need to:

  • work out how to put the Makey Makey together and connect it to the computer.
  • design the characters for the game
  • develop the code for the game
  • work out how to make the bananas controllable

Quite a challenge in an hour but both teams managed to get to an end point which met the requirements of the challenge. There were definitely some pretty bashed bananas by the end though – we certainly wouldn’t recommend eating them.

We only had a couple of Makey Makeys but just look at what can be achieved with more Makey Makeys and a lot more fruit!!

Catch the dots

This week we finished our ‘catch the dots’ game. Its the first time we’ve been completely paperless at Code Club and certainly the way we’ll continue. We decided the best way to approach this would be to work in pairs but keep a laptop each, for now, one with the instructions and one with the Scratch editor.

It was great to see people working together so well and pair programming is a good way to work as you’re more likely to spot errors as you go. Catch the dots is a brilliant project as from very early on you get to play the game then tweak it through a series of challenges.

Kayla, Michaela and Elena were really pleased to realise they’d actually created their own version of ‘colour switch’ a game that they’d been playing at home on their phones. What a talented bunch we have!